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Mining Fall Protection Systems

Slips and falls are major causes of mining accidents each year. Many accidents and fatalities are caused by the absence or improper use of fall protection systems. Ensuring mining safety requires comprehensive fall prevention strategies, including proper mining safety equipment and training by a specialized fall protection company.

We are a complete turnkey provider of fall protection systems for the mining industry and have years of design and installation experience in this market sector. Contact us for expert assistance with your fall arrest, fall restraint and fall protection requirements.

Fall Protection Solutions

Design Considerations

Workers in the mining industry are faced with safety and fall protection hazards daily – both above and below ground. From extraction to storage to transportation, keeping miners safe from falls is critical.

Maintenance bays are one of the most common areas requiring fall protection. Working on high-profile industrial vehicles exposes workers to heights well over four feet. Storage complexes require walking on uneven surfaces and maneuvering around industrial equipment that poses trip and fall hazards.

Many mines are also classified as confined spaces, and as such, there must be an appropriate means to rescue miners who may become incapacitated due to cave-ins or the presence of gas. Miners also face the risk of engulfment by materials in bins or hoppers.

Partnering with a fall protection company familiar with the fall hazards and confined space and rescue issues associated with the mining industry is vital to employee safety.

Diversified Fall Protection has years of experience designing and installing fall protection and fall prevention systems for the mining industry. Our understanding of your mine’s unique access points, fall hazards, and confined space issues, combined with our turnkey approach to OSHA-compliant fall protection will keep both your facility and employees safe.

OSHA Regulations & ANSI Standards

Regulations for fall protection systems and equipment are constantly changing. With so much on the line, find up-to date information to ensure your company is in compliance.

Talk to a fall protection specialist

Tell us about your fall protection needs, and we’ll configure a system that rises to your challenges.