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Fall Protection & Fall Arrest Systems for the Aerospace Industry

In addition to aerospace manufacturing, routine maintenance and testing exposes technicians to workplace fall hazards which require proper safety solutions. Productivity and safety are never mutually exclusive in an aerospace facility and with the proper fall protection systems in place, both can coexist. Providing a safe production environment for contractors, technicians, and maintenance staff in the aerospace industry requires the implementation of a comprehensive fall prevention strategy, which includes the proper mix of fall protection equipment, personnel training, and partnering with a fall protection company that appreciates the unique nature of your facilities access points and potential fall hazards.

We are a complete turnkey provider of aerospace fall protection systems and have years of design and installation experience in this broad based market sector. Contact us for expert assistance with your fall arrest, fall restraint and fall protection requirements.

Fall Protection Solutions

Design Considerations

Aerospace Fall Protection Design Considerations

Developing a keen appreciation for both the work process and environmental factors is critical when designing a fall arrest or fall protection system for aerospace applications. Cumbersome fall arrest systems that interfere with an employee’s ability to complete tasks or impede mobility will see infrequent use. Special consideration must also be given to construct horizontal lifelines, single point anchors, and rigid beam fall arrest systems with materials appropriate for the temperature ranges and atmospheric pressure changes present within test chambers. The presence of overhead cranes, equipment, and tow trucks commonly used in aerospace facilities requires careful analysis of height and traffic restraints as well.

Although understanding your production processes and testing protocols is vital, effective fall arrest system design is only possible when partnering with a team of experts that share a deep appreciation of your facility’s unique access points and fall hazards. Our successful track record of designing and installing OSHA compliant, turnkey fall protection systems for the aerospace industry will keep both your facility and employees safe.

OSHA Regulations

  • Single Point Anchors
  • 1926.502(d)(15)
    Anchorages used for attachment of personal fall arrest equipment shall be independent of any anchorage being used to support or suspend platforms and capable of supporting at least 5,000 pounds (22.2 kN) per employee attached, or shall be designed, installed, and used as follows:
  • 1926.502(d)(15)(i)
    as part of a complete personal fall arrest system which maintains a safety factor of at least two; and
  • 1926.502(d)(15)(ii)
    under the supervision of a qualified person.
  • Personal Fall Arrest Systems
  • 1926.502(d)(16)
    Personal fall arrest systems, when stopping a fall, shall:
  • 1926.502(d)(16)(ii)
    limit maximum arresting force on an employee to 1,800 pounds (8 kN) when used with a body harness;
  • 1926.502(d)(16)(iii)
    be rigged such that an employee can neither free fall more than 6 feet (1.8 m), nor contact any lower level;
  • 1926.502(d)(16)(iv)
    bring an employee to a complete stop and limit maximum deceleration distance an employee travels to 3.5 feet (1.07 m); and,
  • 1926.502(d)(16)(v)
    have sufficient strength to withstand twice the potential impact energy of an employee free falling a distance of 6 feet (1.8 m), or the free fall distance permitted by the system, whichever is less.

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