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Theme and Amusement Park Fall Protection

Whether your personnel inspect and maintain roller coaster tracks, water slide connecting joints, ski resort lift stanchions, or cages at the local zoo, working at heights is a safety concern.  Daily maintenance and inspection is needed to ensure public safety, but the absence of proper fall protection systems can have catastrophic consequences. Ensuring the safety of your employees and patrons requires the implementation of a comprehensive fall prevention strategy, which includes the proper mix of fall protection equipment, personnel training, and partnering with a fall protection company that appreciates the unique nature of your access points and potential fall hazards.

We are a complete turnkey provider of OSHA compliant fall protection systems and have years of design and installation experience in these market sectors.  Contact us for expert assistance with your fall arrest, fall restraint and fall protection safety requirements


Design Considerations

Theme and Amusement Park Fall Protection Design Considerations

One of the main themes when designing fall protection systems for amusement parks, ski resorts, and zoos is the corrosive effects of continuous exposure to the elements. Horizontal lifelines, single point anchors, beam gliders, and other fall arrest systems used to protect maintenance personnel in these market sectors must be constructed from stainless steel to provide maximum corrosion resistance. Special care must be taken when working in stainless because this material does not have the same mechanical properties as carbon steel. For this reason, fall protection systems and their respective components must be constructed from heavier gauge materials to prevent catastrophic failure.

It is also important to have systems that allow for long spans of fall protection in this market segment. Our continuous pass through horizontal lifeline system provides excellent coverage in terms of length and changes in direction.

DFP has years of experience designing and installing fall protection systems specifically tailored for each of your facility’s hazardous areas. Our understanding of your unique access points and fall hazards, combined with our turnkey approach to OSHA compliant fall protection will keep both your guests and employees safe.

OSHA Regulations

  • 1926.502(d)
    ‘Personal fall arrest systems.’ Personal fall arrest systems and their use shall comply with the provisions set forth below. Effective January 1, 1998, body belts are not acceptable as part of a personal fall arrest system. Note: The use of a body belt in a positioning device system is acceptable and is regulated under paragraph (e) of this section.
  • 1926.502(d)(8)
    Horizontal lifelines shall be designed, installed, and used, under the supervision of a qualified person, as part of a complete personal fall arrest system, which maintains a safety factor of at least two.
  • SPA
    • 1926.502(d)(15)
      Anchorages used for attachment of personal fall arrest equipment shall be independent of any anchorage being used to support or suspend platforms and capable of supporting at least 5,000 pounds (22.2 kN) per employee attached, or shall be designed, installed, and used as follows:
    • 1926.502(d)(15)(i)
      as part of a complete personal fall arrest system which maintains a safety factor of at least two; and
    • 1926.502(d)(15)(ii)
      under the supervision of a qualified person.

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