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Are Your Access Ladders OSHA Compliant?

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Access ladders are one of the hardest hit areas by OSHA’s released revised Walking Working Surfaces regulations.  Although the most commonly mentioned change is the phase out of ladder cages as an acceptable form of fall protection on ladders extending 24 feet or more above a lower level, here are some equally important regulatory changes that may spell non-compliance for ladders in your facility.

Climbing width: must be a minimum of 16 inches. Per OSHA 1910.23 (b)(4)

A stand-off distance of 7 inches. 7 inches minimum must be measured from the mid-point of the ladder rung to the nearest permanent object in back of the ladder. Be sure to allow safe clearance including any permanent obstructions in your calculation. Per OSHA 1910.23 (b)(4)

To protect the worker exiting a ladder, OSHA requires a 42-inch high grab bar extension above the access level or landing platform at the top of the ladder. Per OSHA 1910.23 (d)(4)

The (required) extension above the top access level must be at least 24 inches wide (to accommodate the width of the climbers body). The extension can be no more than 30 inches wide, (36 inches if a ladder lifelines is provided) allowing the climber to easily reach both hand rails. Per OSHA 1910.30 (d)(5)

At DFP, we are working hard to help our clients bring their ladders into compliance.  To this end, we have developed our EZ Series Fixed Access Ladders, which provide a high degree of adjustability to meet the unforeseen installation challenges in the field (e.g., obstructions that require stand off distances greater than 7”).  This makes it much easier, faster and safer to install around obstructions.

In addition to creating a better fixed access ladder, we’ve also created new literature that includes a complete list of part numbers needed to configure your new access ladders.  Click the image below to download:

Remember, our EZ Series Fixed Access Ladders ship from stock, with most orders leaving our facility within 2 business days.  To learn more about how to bring your fixed access ladders into OSHA compliance, contact the safety experts at Diversified Fall Protection for further assistance.

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Did You Know?

In construction, any leading edge that is six feet or higher than the surfaces below must be protected from fall hazards?