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Creating and Maintaining Safe Facilities

Aug 14, 2019 6:57:24 AM

An article in the most recent OHS magazine highlighted creating and maintaining safe facilities. This article states the obvious when saying that a safe work environment is one of the most important aspects of any industrial organization. However, the article also further explains some helpful tips on trips on how to start and maintain a solid safety program for organizations. Here we will run through some of the most important tasks to focus on when starting a safety plan for your facility…

A strong safety plan most directly impacts a company’s employees. When employee’s lives are on the line, they should always be put first when starting your safety plan. On top of ensuring your employees daily safety, other benefits of a strong safety program include: less downtime, less lost time due to injuries, and better insurance rates for your organization. Other precautions that will improve your facility’s safety include:

  • Lane markings should be present around forklift paths and electrical boxes
  • Clearly marked exit paths & doorways
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Proper lighting and facility spacing as well
  • Hazard signage, including Lockout/tagout signage & tags
  • Fall protection

Fall risks can be avoided by providing proper fall protection in your facility. Many different areas of your facility can benefit from fall protection. Industrial settings and machine maintenance require fall protection when workers are exposed to fall hazards at heights of 48 inches (4 feet) or higher…

  • Loading dock fall risks can be prevented with Diversified Fall Protection’s Loading Dock Safety Gate
  • Guardrail can also help prevent falls in your facility
  • Articulating Trolley Beams provide operational flexibility and significantly limit fall distance
  • Portable and Fixed Truss Anchors are a fast-installing fall arrest solution that uses the structural truss design of your building to create an OSHA compliant tie-off point for personnel working at heights

Diversified Fall Protection also offers a wide range of outdoor fall protection, including fixed access ladders, window washing anchors, and horizontal lifelines.

Facilities should implement a proper safety program in an effective and timely manner. Taking these precautions will help save the lives of your employees and benefit your business. Investing in a proper safety program will help improve processes across the board as well as ensuring your workers safety. For more information on setting up a proper safety program, contact one of our team members today!