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L Style and T Style Overhead Rigid Rail Systems

Trolley-style rigid rail support column fall protection systems are typically used for outdoor applications where total fall clearance is minimal. Fall arrest solutions minimize fall distance and deflection and require smaller foundations. Combined with the longer spans possible with our T3 triangular trusses, that means cost savings for you.

A rigid rail support column system can easily accommodate multiple users, making it ideal for many outdoor fall protection applications. Available in both permanent and portable configurations, rigid rail systems are ideal for truck, train, and heavy equipment maintenance, as well as loading and tarping applications.

To create the ideal fall safety solution for your application, DFP first performs an on-site engineering visit, during which our safety experts study the interaction of your personnel with the equipment. We are then able to design, engineer, and fabricate a system that will provide years of safe and reliable service. DFP’s turnkey approach means you can rely on one company throughout the life cycle of your fall protection equipment.

Falls are the leading cause of occupational injuries and fatalities each year. With a fall protection system from Diversified Fall Protection, you can ensure worker safety, maintain OSHA compliance, and prevent expensive workers’ compensation issues and lawsuits down the road.

Diversified is a complete, turnkey provider of OSHA-compliant rigid rail fall protection systems, and we have years of experience designing and installing L and T style overhead rigid rail systems for fall arrest applications. Contact DFP for expert assistance with your fall arrest, fall restraint, and fall protection requirements.

Safety Regulations and Standards

Regulations for fall protection systems and equipment are constantly changing. When you partner with Diversified Fall Protection, you can ensure your company is in compliance. We keep you updated when there are changes to current standards and provide regular fall safety inspections to keep your systems up to date.

Explore the important regulations you should know when it comes to your fall protection system.

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Design Considerations

A primary design consideration for L style and T style systems is the planned coverage area, or total length of the system. With proper planning, rigid rail L style and T style systems can span work areas in excess of 1,000 feet. For rigid systems designed for rail applications, specific railroad company clearances must also be considered. Rigid rail systems come in a variety of configurations, including L, T, and U. For example, a T style system provides dual coverage for two trucks or side-by-side rail spurs.

When designing a rigid rail system, soil compaction levels and frost line levels must be given special attention to ensure proper foundation design. Care must also be taken to consider total fall clearance. The system must be able to arrest a fall before a worker comes into contact with existing structures or the ground below the designated work area.

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