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Freestanding and Mobile Fall Arrest Equipment

Mobile fall arrest equipment is ideal for both outside fall protection applications lacking overhead anchor points and inside applications that are not confined to a designated work area. Each portable arrest system is fully OSHA compliant and allows for 100% tie-off from the ground up.

What is fall arrest equipment?

Fall arrest systems stop falls in progress. A tied off worker may fall over a leading edge with these types of systems, but their fall is arrested before contacting the next lower surface. Fall arrest systems also absorb the force that a body would see during a fall. Self-retracting lifelines and shock absorbing lanyards are examples of fall arrest systems.

When is fall arrest equipment required?

Fall clearance requirements are always a concern with applications that lack suitable, permanent anchor points overhead. The rail construction of our mobile systems eliminates the deflection and sag associated with lifeline solutions. Whether you need a freestanding fall arrest system for aircraft, truck, tractor, or bus maintenance, we have a portable solution to meet your specific fall protection needs and budget while ensuring OSHA compliance and employee safety.

We are a complete turnkey provider of OSHA compliant mobile fall protection systems for a wide range of applications. Contact us for expert assistance with your fall arrest equipment, fall restraint and fall protection safety requirements.

System Types

Fall arrest equipment includes the following. Select a system type to learn more.

Market Segments


  • Ideal for mobile or temporary applications lacking overhead anchor points
  • Rigid Rail System Designs minimize deflection, making them a perfect solution for applications with minimal fall distance clearances
  • Indoor/Outdoor Use
  • OSHA Compliant